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Just provide native Android development is not enough for todays app. You need the round trip service, from UX/UI to the mobile app and it connectivity to the backend.

Native Android
We are developing native Android apps sicne day 1.
Native iOS
While we concentrate on the robot we also cover iOS for you.
Hybrid Apps
Whenever possible we propose hybrid apps. They are portable and powerful these days. We are working with AngularJS and Cordova, provided by the fantastic Ionic framework. Ask us about Meteor too.
Scaleable Backends
In most use cases the mobile app needs to communicate with the backend. We provide REST API solutions and connectivity to exiting systems.
Mobile UX/UI Design
With our strong UI/UX background we are able to provide services like complete UX design, wireframes, workshops.
Big Data Connectivity and Analysis
Millions of mobile device could generate TerraBytes of data. Are your ready for the challenge?


our technologies

Choose us for a wide range of mobile centric technologies.

iOS Development
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Mobile UX/UI Design
Scaleable Mobile Backends

Big Data Analysis